Groovy woodland glade melodicism - MELODY MAKER.  Sugar frosted heartbreak - TIME OUT.

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footprints through the snow




The story so far...

Cures For Broken Hearts CD mini album (2000 Fortune & Glory Records UK)

A Long Way To Blow A Kiss CD album (2002 Fortune & Glory Records UK)

Floating On The Breeze CD mini album (2003 Homesleep Records Italy)

Sad To See It’s Morning CD compilation album (2004 Fortune & Glory Records UK)

Footprints Through The Snow CD album (2006 Homesleep Records Italy)

(2006 Avant Garden Records Taiwan) (2011 Pocket Records China)

These Long Dark Country Roads CD mini album (2009 Acuarela Discos Spain)

When The Morning Arrives MP3 compilation album (2009 Antmusic Sweden)

The Birds Sing Goodnight To You And Me CD album (2012 WWNBB Italy)

Only Pipe Dreams In The Pipeline digital mini-mini album (2013 WWNBB Italy)


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Antpop #1 was created (in a flash) by cool Monsieur Romain Lheritier (merci beaucoup) in April 2001 in London, England. Antpop #2  was created (painstakingly slowly) by Mr Antony Harding in July 2004 and has been a work in progress ever since. All lyrics + drawings + music  etc copyright  control Antony Harding 1999 - 2013 (unless otherwise stated).